cut-729536Hello world and welcome to my wonderful website. I’m just getting started so bare with me. I’ve finished my first screenplay “Sometimes Love”, and I’m about to finish working on my second “Torn”. As of now, I still don’t have an Agent, and honestly…. I haven’t been searching for one, but would like one. Currently, I’m just entering my first screenplay into screenplay competitions, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Anyways, again… welcome to my site and take a tour, leave a comment and or suggestion, and say hello!


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    I received your email and check out your website. Just thought I would drop you this note. Can’t wait until you get your webstie fully functional. Keep me updated on the progress.




      Hi Adam, thanks for dropping a line. Once I finish my WordPress for Dummies book, I will have it up and running properly…. LOL.