clap-writingAs I type here today on my brand new website with barely any traffic, except for a few spammers who somehow managed to find me…. I am a little frustrated and disappointed.  I entered my screenplay into a third competition (Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition)and I did not place.  Out of two- hundred and twenty-five (225) screenplays, I did not place.  Mid 2012, I entered the Scriptapalooza and the Nicholl Fellowship Screenplay Competitions, and I was confident.  I did advance to the Quarterfinals with Scriptapalooza, but nothing with Nicholl.
I paid for an analysis along with my entry into the Scriptapalooza, and received promising feedback.  The reader advised me that I was almost there, I just had a few discrepancies and my slug-lines where a little confusing and a few remarks that I did not agree with, but I digress.  The reader advised me, and I quote: “There are some typos and incorrect wording throughout the script. This can be remedied with a quick polish.
In the end, “Sometimes Love” is a deeply felt story that is just about there. With a little more work, this could truly be an impressive calling card.
Good work.”  End quote!
This gave me the confidence I needed, and I had my fingers crossed that I would at least place in the ATLFF Screenplay Competition, but I stand corrected.  I know it’s mean of me to say, but the sixteen who did place, I read their log-lines and I say WTF, my screenplay is better than those;  I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t think that.
Again, I am not going to throw my hands up and say “the hell with it”, I will continue to move forward because I believe it will land in the right hands soon.  I plan to join the Organization of Black Screenwriters (OBS) very soon, and maybe I can make this thing happen for me.


  1. Cp says:

    You definitely have the right attitude Dawn. Don’t ever give up on your stories. I’m a screenwriter too and I also get discouraged when I feel like I’m “right there” with a script and end up with feedback that says differently. So far in my limited experience I’ve had a screenplay make it to the Semi-Finals of the Script Pipeline contest and not even make it out of the first round of the very next contest. What I’m learning is that this “thing” is VERY subjective. It’s all about who’s reading your work. Sucks for us but that’s the way it is unfortunately.

    Keep writing and good luck!


  2. Dawn says:

    Thank you CP, I finally received a comment that I can actually approve. Amazing how spammers can find new websites so quickly….. but I digress. Don’t you give up either on your script writing, and to advance to the Semi-Finals with Pipeline or any competition is pretty dang good if you ask me. Script Pipeline is at the top of my list of competitions I plan on entering this year, within the next month to be exact. Being a screenwriter, I’m sure you have a list as well, but I’m still going to share just in case you missed a few.
    Bankable Scripts
    Page Intl
    Indie Short
    DC Shorts
    Gimme Credit
    Now I’m not sure if I’m going to enter them all, but the first two or three, for sure. I even have a “Short” I plan on entering in one or two of the competitions too, but any ways keep writing and claim success. 🙂


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