clap-writingAs I type here today on my brand new website with barely any traffic, except for a few spammers who somehow managed to find me…. I am a little frustrated and disappointed.  I entered my screenplay into a third competition (Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition)and I did not place.  Out of two- hundred and twenty-five (225) screenplays, I did not place.  Mid 2012, I entered the Scriptapalooza and the Nicholl Fellowship Screenplay Competitions, and I was confident.  I did advance to the Quarterfinals with Scriptapalooza, but nothing with Nicholl.
I paid for an analysis along with my entry into the Scriptapalooza, and received promising feedback.  The reader advised me that I was almost there, I just had a few discrepancies and my slug-lines where a little confusing and a few remarks that I did not agree with, but I digress.  The reader advised me, and I quote: “There are some typos and incorrect wording throughout the script. This can be remedied with a quick polish.
In the end, “Sometimes Love” is a deeply felt story that is just about there. With a little more work, this could truly be an impressive calling card.
Good work.”  End quote!
This gave me the confidence I needed, and I had my fingers crossed that I would at least place in the ATLFF Screenplay Competition, but I stand corrected.  I know it’s mean of me to say, but the sixteen who did place, I read their log-lines and I say WTF, my screenplay is better than those;  I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t think that.
Again, I am not going to throw my hands up and say “the hell with it”, I will continue to move forward because I believe it will land in the right hands soon.  I plan to join the Organization of Black Screenwriters (OBS) very soon, and maybe I can make this thing happen for me.