WOW, although I am still an Aspiring Screenwriter waiting for my big break, I like to think I have grown as a writer.  Here, I thought I was about seventy-five to eighty percent finished with my second screenplay “Torn”, after re-reading it for the first time in over a year, I realized WTH.  I am about forty-five to fifty percent finished.  I still feel it is a great story with a great plot and premise, but dayum is it awful.  It needs a major re-write, and I am excited to do so.

I also have a third “The Proposal” (title still up in the air), I have been outlining for a couple of months… another good one I might add, but of course, I would think so.  I do believe I will save “The Proposal” and get some help from another Aspiring writer once I make it because I plan to make it.  Plenty of Aspiring writers waiting to be discovered just like I am, they just need a break, and I plan to make that happen.

Any who, I have entered several screenplay competitions for 2013, and my fingers are crossed.  All I need is that one big break or even a small break would suffice.  I ask myself, what I would do if I make it, and I have answered that question in the above paragraph, pay it forward… help someone else to succeed.  Something I feel we do not have enough of is positive “black films”.  We have hundreds of undiscovered writers, including myself who is aching to tell their story, and my word is my bond, I promise I will help another undiscovered writer once I make it.


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