Hollywood-signInfluence of Celebrities on Our Culture by Marketing Tide

The influence that celebrities have on the average person is phenomenal. Many young girls especially want so much to look just like their favorite star they go as far as starving themselves. Stars can havenegative influence as well as positive. When stars get arrested for drugs or alcohol it sends a message that this is cooland many young people try the same thing, but with much different results. They don’t get special treatment like stars doand sometimes their lives are irreparably damaged. Many celebrities have failed marriages and relationshipsand this also sends a message to the average person that marriage is not something that lasts. When a celebrity just gets tired of one partner they find another. I think we as “normal” people think our lives are boring and uneventful compared to a celebrity and so we try to do what they do and find total unhappiness.
There are entire shows on TV that are geared toward criticizing what the celebrities are wearing to the Oscars or Emmy’s. We see the stars wearing jewels worth millions and one of a kind gowns that are usually reserved for fairy princesses. We then go to our closet and see a couple of ordinary dresses, a lot of old jeans and sweats and feel ungrateful and unhappy. This can make the average person feel resentful and jealous. Our culture puts these stars on pedestals and we compare their lives to ours and that is unrealistic.
Many people actually get into incredible debt trying to look like a celebrity. Many people even have plastic surgery to make themselves look like their favorite star. One evening gossip shows demonstrates how to look like a celebrity on a budget because they know we all want the look the stars have. They show the celebrity all dressed up and take the outfit apart piece by piece and show you how and where you can get the same look for less. Many people take that seriously and get into debt trying to look the way the stars do.
Another influence celebrities have on our culture is that of invading ones privacy. Nothing is sacred anymore. The paparazzi follow their every move and that seems to invade their right to privacy. I think that is a bad thing to be teaching our children. There is also the danger aspect of racing to follow a star and causing accidents. The paparazzi seem to be willing to risk anything to get a picture, which is a negative influence for our culture. Their is also the special treatment mentioned earlier. Stars are somehow thought of better than a bum in the street, but we are all entitled to the same rights and freedoms. I think that causes anger in our culture.
Celebrities have incredible influence today in our world. They seem to be royalty in this country and we love to watch their every move. I think it makes our lives seem a little less boring. We need to be careful not to make them perfect, because they will fall and when that does happen many people will become disillusioned and possibly even depressed.

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Article Source: Influence of Celebrities on Our Culture


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