My Script is in the ER

August 31, 2013

scriptdoctorWell, it is official now.  I’ve chosen the person to help me get my screenplay ready for market.  Ms. Lynne Pembroke over at Coverscript is whom I will be working with, and if all goes well, she will be my go to person for future scripts.  
I had it narrowed down to two, and the other people I felt wanted to turn my script into something stereotypical, and I told them I vow to stay away from that.  I chose Ms. Pembroke because I feel she really wants to help, and not just because of money.  Although we’ve corresponded through emails, I received good vibes, and that’s what I look for.  She has an extensive background dated back to the 1980’s, which is also an A plus in my book.  After I get my script right, or perhaps during the process, I need to get my mind right as well.   I’m thinking about taking Yoga classes two-three times a month.  Lords will, I want to bring in 2014 on top of my game or at least somewhere in the center.
Any who, I do not want to get ahead of myself, I need to wait and find out how much damage my script has suffered over the past year or so.  I hope that I can give it a little prescription strength cough syrup and make it better, or perhaps It’ll have to be admitted into the hospital… I should find out within seven to ten working days. 😉