clipart wowFinally, everything is starting to take shape, but  as I normally do, I get excited before its time, and end up being disappointed, and the reason is I can be somewhat impatient.  Plenty of money wasted, but my screenplay is ready, and I would like to give thanks to Tammy Gross over at proofmyspec.  I finally received a “Consider” which is good in the screenwriting world, especially for aspiring writers.

I would like to give another thanks to Vince over at DurdyWork Multi-media Graphics.  He came through for me on another project and it turned out way better than what I had hoped.  The New Year is forty-eight days away, and I am feeling damn good about it.  I’m still nervous and somewhat frightened, but I need to do this, or don’t do it at all, and I plan on bringing it with all I have.

So much, I have planned that goes way beyond Screenwriting, but I just need a chance to get my foot in the door so I can get it moving.   Hopefully, very soon everyone will know who I am; Dawn L. Rogers.