Common & Tika Sumpter "Sometimes Love"
Common & Tika Sumpter “Sometimes Love”


First, I would like to thank Vince, owner of dURDy Work Multi-Media Graphics for designing my movie poster, he did one hell of a job, and I am so glad I stumbled upon him.  He also designed my website header, so be sure to check him out; magnificent work and reasonable prices.

Second, I want to thank my cousin Sherry, owner of Sherry Designs for creating the trailer for me as well.  She did an excellent job with putting it all together… so THANKS FOR BOTH OF YOU!

If you’re visiting this page, then I hope you are as excited as I am, and you’ve contributed with PERSUADING these two celebrities.  I’ve been working on this script since 2010, and I’ve always envisioned the two of them steaming up the silver screen; two beautiful people.

I took this route because I did not have the money to keep forking over for Screenplay competitions that I may not win regardless of how ready my script is.  I also took this approach because I felt this was the only way for me to be heard because no one seemed to be listening.  Last but not least, I DID NOT want anyone telling me who they think would be a “better fit” for my main characters.  I want Common, and I want Tika, and I am trying my damnedest to get them.

I’m working on a few other screenplays, and I’m just about finished with my second.  It too is a love story, but with a touch of humor.  However, I still would not classify it as a rom-com.  It’s still an intense screenplay because that’s how I role roll.

SOMETIMES LOVE – A once academically gifted man falls in love with the woman who saves his life, but her lies and past horror may destroy everything. “Will they be able to build a lasting relationship, or in the end, will secrets their pasts keep them apart?” Lynne Pembroke

I will keep everyone posted when, and if Common and Tika says, “Yay” to the screenplay.  Fingers are crossed.



Common’s Facebook
Tika’s Facebook
Tika’s Facebook  (not sure about this one)

Common’s Twitter
Tika’s Twitter


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