New Screenplay in the Works

February 13, 2014

screenplay-235x230It’s been a while since I’ve made a post.  Still nothing from either two of my celebrities I attempted to stalk, but it’s all good.  They have people I need to go through, and I somewhat understand that. 

So far, I’ve emailed out about fifty query letters in search of representation from either an agent or manager.  I did hear from a few people directing me to their website to fill out a survey of some sort, and I heard from someone who requested a synopsis of my script.  I sent it to him, and he responded hours later and said, “Thank you for the synopsis but this won’t work for the producer I had in mind”.  I thanked him for his time, and advised him if he changes his mind, I’m still in need of an agent.  It has only been about a week since I emailed the letters, so I’m patient, and I’m going to email a bit more this weekend.

Now, to talk about my NEW SCREENPLAY I’m working on, and it’s going pretty damn good I might add.  It’s another drama, but no love story, and I’m reaching deep inside myself to get a little twisted; challenge my psyche.  I plan to enter this screenplay into 3-4 major competitions, all while still searching for representation.  As soon as I finish the outline, format, and register my script, I will share the log line.  I’m still working on a title, but the log-line is almost done.    This screenplay, WOW is all I can say, but then again, we shall see.

Anywho, still not much traffic going on in these parts, but I will continue to write something every so often, to at least keep myself motivated.


2 responses to New Screenplay in the Works


    Hi Dawn- we seem to be following the Jordan Davis tragedy with common interest. I am sure hoping justice is served as his parents and the country deserves it. Ironically, I have a story I want to see on the screen! What started several years ago as a book, quickly morphed in to a vision of only seeing this story told on the screen. I readily admit that I simply do not have the skill to write the screen play but I can tell the story. Before going any further, do you think you might be remotely interested in discussing this potential project any further? Regards, Craig



      Hi Craig, I’m still trying to establish myself as a writer, and I know I wouldn’t do your story justice. I write as much as I can, when I can because my job schedule (shift work) is kind of hectic at times, hindering me from writing as much as I would like and should. You can visit and go to their discussion board, and can easily find a more seasoned screenwriter, perhaps with more time. You can also check out, they’re prices are good compared to others. I hope you can get your story told because I know how it is having a story inside dying to be told. 🙂