dont-you-dare-give-upWOW, it has been a long time since I’ve made a post.  As you read from the title, I have yet to make it as a Screenwriter.  Have I felt like throwing my hands up like I normally do and say F*ck it, yes, several times.

I’ve sent out close to  one-hundred and fifty query letters in reference to my screenplay “Sometimes Love’, and received one response.  He requested my synopsis, and advised me the story wouldn’t work for a Producer/Director he had in mind, so in my opinion, it wasn’t all bad.

I’ve decided to move on to another screenplay I had no intentions of writing now, but I feel it’s more artsy than my others.  It (Angels Cry) took me about three months to complete, and I had my first analysis, and it still has a lot of work to be done.  Actually, that is when I seriously thought about throwing my hands up.  However, my sons are watching.  If I say the hell with Screenwriting, then I feel they would give up on everything they set out to do, and I cannot allow that to happen, they already have several strikes against them, and I do not want to add another one.  I’m also not giving up because I finally found something I enjoy, and I give up, I feel I would be lost too.

I have so many great stories, but it’s taking a hell of a long time to get them out there.  As I said in a much earlier post, so many empowering things I want to do not pertaining to screenwriting, but no one knows who I am, so that is another task within itself.

My fingers are still crossed, but they are cramping up, but it’s still all good.


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