PPH_Script_Frame_6I had my first “Verbal Pitch” last week via Skype with Cider Mill Productions, and I had a video malfunction. He could hear, but he could not see me.

Although, I was as nervous as a Virgin at a prison rodeo (Blanch from Golden Girls), the individual I pitched to, said I did well for my first time. However, he passed on reading my script. No biggie, my first time for this script “All Circuits Busy”, and it will not be the last because I believe I have a winner.

So, I’ve decided to place my screenplay into “rehab”, so the next time I pitch, I WILL BE READY for whomever. Anyway, in the meantime I am currently working on my next screenplay, a Comedy. Must stay busy!!!

In my opinion, the best thing to come out of this pitching experience is a thin layer of awkwardness and shyness has been peeled away.