What I wish to do is take one of my full length films and condense it down into a short film so I can produce the film to enter into film competitions.

When I first tried to raise the funds, the amount was way too high; however, my second crowdfunding campaign still did not receive donations.

What I need is roughly $7,500 to get this film produced.  What I can offer in return is major advertisement, and WHEN I sell the full length version of the film titled, “Sometimes Love” I will in return give you 5% of what it sells for.  So, even if it sells for 1 million, you will receive 50 thousand dollars.  If you browse around my website, you will find local media coverage from where I tried to advertise, so I am legit.  I also work for Law Enforcement if that also helps.


  • Prepare the script for shooting
  • Paying the cast & crew
  • Food for the cast & crew and volunteers
  • Renting top of the line Camera, lighting and sound equipment to capture the best visual effects.
  • Hotel accommodations (if unable to find local talent)
  • Transportation for the cast & crew and equipment hauling to locations Hair & makeup and wardrobe
  • Funds towards our post-production efforts (hiring a talented editor, sound mixing, color correction, marketing, etc…)
  • insurance and all the other unforeseen expenses

If you’d like to read the first 10 pages of the original script click here.  If you’d like more information, feel free to contact me below.





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