I’ve decided to take matters (once again) into my own hands instead of waiting around for Hollywood to take interest in my work.  As of now, I have “All Circuits Busy” being professionally rewritten by Julie Paupe, owner of Scriptwriterhelp.com.  Julie has helped me before, and she’s an expert.

My plan is to produce this script locally, right here in the Florida Panhandle.  I plan on contacting another Julie (film commissioner) who is a film producer, to see if she’d be interested in helping me get this film made.  I’m still working out the particulars, but what I can say, this script will be somewhat of a donation, meaning most of the decisions will not be made by me, it will be a group project for all involved.  Again, I’m still working out the details and the script isn’t ready.

I thought about trying to pitch the script to major networks, or even submit to film festivals, but producing it myself will give me the opportunity to learn the industry as well as what it takes to get a film made.  I do plan to produce most if not all my films.  It’s time.


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