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Sometimes Love – Romantic Drama

a-new-designJohan Nobles, a once academically gifted young man, is intent on getting his life back on track, when he falls in love with Symphony Hayes; she saves him after a near-fatal car crash. What he doesn’t know about Symphony is that she harbors secrets that may destroy everything, including their relationship.

This is my first Screenplay, still in need of a Producer, but NOW, I have an agent.

Although  Read more

Executive Film Producer Wanted


What I wish to do is take one of my full length films and condense it down into a short film so I can produce the film to enter into film competitions.

When I first tried to raise the funds, the amount was way too high; however, my second crowdfunding campaign still did not receive donations.

What I need is roughly $7,500 to get this film produced.  What I can offer in return is major advertisement, and WHEN I sell the full length version of the film titled, “Sometimes Love” I will in return give you 5% of what it sells for.  So, even if it sells for 1 million, you Read more

2013, Still Not Quite My Year

disappointment3This year is almost two-thirds over, and I still have yet to make my mark. I’ve had my fair share of rejections this year, but I remain strong. I’ve entered a total of seven…. You heard me, 7 screenplay competitions this year, and nothing. I advanced to the quarterfinals with Scriptapalooza, but in all honesty, that’s no big deal.

That thing I mentioned in a previous post I was working on, it fell through as well. I made a bold move and contacted this Director, and he responded. We exchanged a few emails, and I was advised to Read more

No Good News

screenwriting01In Drake’s “No New Friends” voice… No Good News!  Out of all the Screenplay competitions I’ve entered this year, still nothing.  I at least thought I would advance in the competitions dedicated to people of color, but nothing.  Urbanworld, not interested.  HBFF, not interested.  Scriptapalooza, advanced me once again to the Quarterfinals, but after it was all said in done, not interested.  Normally by now, I would have thrown my hands up and said, “The hell with it”, but I love writing so much, I refuse to give up.  When several doors slam in your face, do not give up because one door will stay open for you.  I’m working on something now, but it is way too soon for me to even discuss it, I just wanted to say it out loud… to be continued. 

Spike Lee’s Feuds


Spike Lee’s Feuds by Zack Mandell

Ever since the mid-80s, Spike Lee has been one of the most important directors in American cinema. Films such as “Jungle Fever,” “Do the Right Thing,” and “Malcolm X” have offered tragic, astute and incendiary musings about the minority experience in the United States. Lee is quite possibly the first black filmmaker to have gained celebrity status in American cinematic history. That celebrity has not been attained solely by the strength of his films however. More than just about any filmmaker, Lee finds himself in media feuds with other Hollywood luminaries. Not surprisingly, the filmmaker of “Do the Right Thing” is an opinionated guy, and those opinions, however well thought out they may be, have often landed him in hot water. Read more