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Remodeled Blog

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post.  I’ve updated my website to accommodate not only my blog posts but also my jewelry and more I plan on selling.  My main goal in making and selling jewelry is to raise money to shoot one of my short films.  I’ve tried crowdfunding several times and raised zero dollars, so I’m trying something new.

I’ve always had a desire to make jewelry for a while now, and although I’ve played around with it, I never really made anything worth mentioning until now.  I even took up a four-day jewelry making class at the local college.

Right now, I’m making and selling the basic types of jewelry as well as t-shirts with a design I borrowed from online but put my own little spin on it.  Eventually, I Read more

Spike Lee’s Feuds


Spike Lee’s Feuds by Zack Mandell

Ever since the mid-80s, Spike Lee has been one of the most important directors in American cinema. Films such as “Jungle Fever,” “Do the Right Thing,” and “Malcolm X” have offered tragic, astute and incendiary musings about the minority experience in the United States. Lee is quite possibly the first black filmmaker to have gained celebrity status in American cinematic history. That celebrity has not been attained solely by the strength of his films however. More than just about any filmmaker, Lee finds himself in media feuds with other Hollywood luminaries. Not surprisingly, the filmmaker of “Do the Right Thing” is an opinionated guy, and those opinions, however well thought out they may be, have often landed him in hot water. Read more

What’s Going On

WOW, although I am still an Aspiring Screenwriter waiting for my big break, I like to think I have grown as a writer.  Here, I thought I was about seventy-five to eighty percent finished with my second screenplay “Torn”, after re-reading it for the first time in over a year, I realized WTH.  I am about forty-five to fifty percent finished.  I still feel it is a great story with a great plot and premise, but dayum is it awful.  It needs a major re-write, and I am excited to do so. Read more

My Next Move

clap-writingAs I type here today on my brand new website with barely any traffic, except for a few spammers who somehow managed to find me…. I am a little frustrated and disappointed.  I entered my screenplay into a third competition (Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition)and I did not place.  Out of two- hundred and twenty-five (225) screenplays, I did not place.  Mid 2012, I entered the Scriptapalooza and the Nicholl Fellowship Screenplay Competitions, and I was confident.  I did advance to the Quarterfinals with Scriptapalooza, but nothing with Nicholl.
I paid for an analysis along with my entry into the Scriptapalooza, and received promising feedback.  The reader advised me that I was almost there, I just had a few discrepancies and my slug-lines where a little confusing and Read more

My New Website

cut-729536Hello world and welcome to my wonderful website. I’m just getting started so bare with me. I’ve finished my first screenplay “Sometimes Love”, and I’m about to finish working on my second “Torn”. As of now, I still don’t have an Agent, and honestly…. I haven’t been searching for one, but would like one. Currently, I’m just entering my first screenplay into screenplay competitions, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Anyways, again… welcome to my site and take a tour, leave a comment and or suggestion, and say hello!