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’23 More Days

My Big Day

23 More Days

Twenty-three more days, and I will step outside my comfort zone like I’ve never done before.


Today, I shared what I was working on with a co-worker, and now I’m feeling some type of way.  I’m sure I can trust her, but Read more


WOW! Things are Finally Taking Shape

clipart wowFinally, everything is starting to take shape, but  as I normally do, I get excited before its time, and end up being disappointed, and the reason is I can be somewhat impatient.  Plenty of money wasted, but my screenplay is ready, and I would like to give thanks to Tammy Gross over at proofmyspec.  I finally received a “Consider” which is good in the screenwriting world, especially for aspiring writers.

I would like to give another thanks to Vince over at DurdyWork Multi-media Graphics.  He came through for me on another project and it turned out way better than what I had hoped. Read more