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My Next Move

clap-writingAs I type here today on my brand new website with barely any traffic, except for a few spammers who somehow managed to find me…. I am a little frustrated and disappointed.  I entered my screenplay into a third competition (Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition)and I did not place.  Out of two- hundred and twenty-five (225) screenplays, I did not place.  Mid 2012, I entered the Scriptapalooza and the Nicholl Fellowship Screenplay Competitions, and I was confident.  I did advance to the Quarterfinals with Scriptapalooza, but nothing with Nicholl.
I paid for an analysis along with my entry into the Scriptapalooza, and received promising feedback.  The reader advised me that I was almost there, I just had a few discrepancies and my slug-lines where a little confusing andContinue Reading →