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No Good News

screenwriting01In Drake’s “No New Friends” voice… No Good News!  Out of all the Screenplay competitions I’ve entered this year, still nothing.  I at least thought I would advance in the competitions dedicated to people of color, but nothing.  Urbanworld, not interested.  HBFF, not interested.  Scriptapalooza, advanced me once again to the Quarterfinals, but after it was all said in done, not interested.  Normally by now, I would have thrown my hands up and said, “The hell with it”, but I love writing so much, I refuse to give up.  When several doors slam in your face, do not give up because one door will stay open for you.  I’m working on something now, but it is way too soon for me to even discuss it, I just wanted to say it out loud… to be continued. 


My Next Move

clap-writingAs I type here today on my brand new website with barely any traffic, except for a few spammers who somehow managed to find me…. I am a little frustrated and disappointed.  I entered my screenplay into a third competition (Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition)and I did not place.  Out of two- hundred and twenty-five (225) screenplays, I did not place.  Mid 2012, I entered the Scriptapalooza and the Nicholl Fellowship Screenplay Competitions, and I was confident.  I did advance to the Quarterfinals with Scriptapalooza, but nothing with Nicholl.
I paid for an analysis along with my entry into the Scriptapalooza, and received promising feedback.  The reader advised me that I was almost there, I just had a few discrepancies and my slug-lines where a little confusing and Read more